Original Holzi's

Raclette bread


Why choose

The world of raclette

A combination of crispy rye bread and aromatic raclette cheese

Originally, a large piece of cheese was heated directly over an open fire and the melted cheese was then scraped onto a slice of bread. Hence the name, which comes from the French “racler”, which means “to scrape”.

Our Condeli tip

Add a dash of chili or
curry powder to create your
own signature dish!

Aromatic raclette cheese

With a delicious alpine flair

Condeli Holzis Blegetes Raclettebrot Verpackungen
Net weight190g
Primary packagingfolding box
Secondary packagingDisplay carton
transport carton
Units / carton18 units
8 units
Cartons / palette72 cartons
144 cartons
Remaining shelf life365 / 270 days
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